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Body Corporate by-laws

The by-laws are the rules for the building outside those imposed by legislation.  

By-laws can come into existence through any number of means, but most buildings probably still have by-laws based on the first set they were registered with. Those by-laws may (or may not) adequately cater for the needs of the building today.

A common misconception is that if the by-laws are registered they are lawful and are therefore valid or enforceable. This is not the case.  When registering a CMS the Titles Office merely looks at the form of the document, not the content of the by-laws in it.

There are two key services we offer when it comes to by-laws.

Click here to submit your CMS for a free proposal to review your by-laws.
Click here to see five common invalid or unnecessary by-laws.

By-law review service

Our experts are ready to hear out your problems with your body corporate by-laws. Click here to be taken to a page where you can submit your CMS for us to give you a free proposal to review your by-laws.

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