Commissioner’s office disputes

Living in a strata scheme means living in very close proximity to your neighbours. Life isn’t always peaceful, and issues can arise at any time.

Dealing with a dispute in a body corporate in Queensland has a distinct process that must be followed to be resolved. Initially, if you do have a dispute with the body corporate, the committee or another owner or occupier, you must attempt to reach a resolution with the other party first. So, taking steps like having a conversation (documenting it), corresponding in writing, presenting a motion to the committee or presenting a motion to a general meeting will need to be actioned prior to taking further action.

If self-resolution fails then you can usually apply for dispute resolution with the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management.  You can read more about this process here.

Our team of expert body corporate lawyers are well versed in dealing with body corporate disputes, they come across our desks daily and we’ve seen them all.

We can assist at any stage of the process and can provide advice on the dispute resolution stage, including providing practical and commercial advice at the self-resolution stage (including preparing motions, attendance at meetings or providing general advice) to preparing for and dealing with Commissioner’s office disputes.

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