Building Defects

We do not act for developers in project conveyancing.

That means we are without fear of conflict when it comes to acting on building defect disputes.

Commencing proceedings for a building defect dispute is not something to be undertaken lightly. Preparation and strategy are critical, as well as understanding the statutory timing and required corporate governance processes on the part of the body corporate.

A body corporate has a statutory responsibility to maintain common property.  Building defects are a body corporate issue that simply must be addressed.  They cannot be ignored.

We have advised many bodies corporate on building defect issues, around things such as:

  • generally shoddy workmanship;
  • corroding steel columns;
  • water penetration;
  • concrete cancer;
  • incorrect waterproofing;
  • negligent construction techniques; and
  • leaching from building surfaces.

Many of these claims are against well known developers, some of whom are listed companies. We are not frightened to take on anyone in a building defects dispute. Having said that, if the commercial reality of the situation is that the claim is not worth pursuing, whether for lack of evidence or simple commerciality on cost, we will tell you that too.

Download our building defects guide here.

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