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Management rights businesses are a popular and unique property management product that allows an investor to combine a home and an income. However, what you don’t know can hurt you. With the myriad of rules involved, a management rights business is a potential minefield for investors unfamiliar with the territory.

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For all things Management Rights

Hynes Legal is your one stop shop in all things management rights. There is no aspect of management rights we don’t know or haven’t dealt with before. Don’t put your management rights investment at risk. It is an area that we are passionate about and invest a great deal of time in growing our knowledge base. We regularly present on management rights law and other areas pertinent to the sector via webinar, industry events or a cup of coffee with current and potential clients.

Our team provides advice to many buyers and sellers of management rights businesses along with counsel to those already in the industry. We handle all aspects of a management rights transaction.

Management rights law isn’t easy so working with someone who isn’t experienced management rights is not a good idea.

Management rights review key dates reminder service

If you’d like to be reminded of the key dates for your management rights business we need to see your key management rights documents, contact us through our form below.

Why choose Hynes Legal

Hynes’ mangement rights team brings years of practical know-how in dealing with every aspect of the management rights sector. There is no substitute for lived experience in this industry.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Hynes Legal for your management rights advice:

  • Our experience will help solve any issues and get the outcome you want
  • Choosing Hynes Legal is an investment made now that will save problems down the road, you can have absolute confidence that you will be getting the right advice with us
  • We have long-term, loyal clients because we provide a personal service and want to build business relationships, not just get the job done

When you work with us you will be surprised by the little things:

  • We genuinely care about getting the best result
  • We are easy to talk to
  • We return phone calls
  • We try not to use jargon unnecessarily
  • We are commercially minded

Management rights guides

If you are new to Management Rights and would like to find out more about buying or selling a management rights business please have a look at our guides.

Guide to buying management rights

Guide to selling management rights

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