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Breach notices

A committee can issue a resident manager with a breach notice if it is dissatisfied with your performance or wants to terminate your management rights.

A breach notice is also known as a:

  • Notice to remedy breach.
  • Default notice.
  • Remedial action notice.

Regardless of its name – a breach notice is a very serious matter and it must be treated in that manner. If not properly dealt with, a failure to address a breach notice could result in the committee calling a general meeting to terminate your rights.

We have successfully responded to dozens of breach notices on behalf of managers, and we respond in a manner that often results in a better outcome for the manager.

It is important to act immediately and seek advice as soon possible if you suspect that the committee might seek this course of action.

In some circumstances, breach notices can be resolved in a simple and efficient manner; however, some are more complex and difficult to address. Whatever the nature of the problem you need to make sure that you have a response that addresses the issues unique to your building and management rights agreements.

Breach notices require urgent action