Partnership Agreements

Partnerships in management rights have become a very common occurrence, particularly in larger buildings.

We acted in the first syndicated partnership in management rights almost a decade ago and have acted in more than 50 partnership sales and purchases since.  Essentially, we have written the book on partnership agreements in management rights.

As a result of this experience we know that:

  1. Our partnership agreement covers every eventuality that needs covering in a legal partnership agreement;
  2. We can advise partners about how issues will arise between them;
  3. If things do take a turn for the worse, we can help mediate, and solve disputes.

Our partnership experience is second to none.

Entering into a partnership is not without risks, in terms of additional people to deal with, but it has rewards in terms of diversification and the ability to leverage into a bigger management rights business. These are the factors that need to be balanced by each investor.

An example of an article where we talk about this issue:

Partnership agreements – Are they needed or is it just fee creation?

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