Unfortunately situations will arise in community titles schemes where committee members, lot owners or building managers will seek advice on a defamation dispute. We have acted for all stakeholders in community titles schemes to make defamation claims and defend them.

Our approach to these disputes is a commercial and pragmatic one.

If you want a firm that will simply charge forward with a defamation action without regard for costs or collateral damage – we are not for you.

If you want a firm that understands how a defamation action blends with a community titles scheme, appreciates the importance and sensitivity of personal reputations and relationships in a scheme and knows how to cost-efficiently drive or defend a defamation action to achieve a commercial outcome – then contact us.

Our experience includes:

  • drafting concerns notices on behalf of clients concerned by another person’s defamatory comments to facilitate an early retraction and apology; and
  • responding to concerns notices and defending defamation claims in a pragmatic and cost-efficient manner.

Articles dealing with defamation:

What is defamation?

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