Building Management Statements

In the increasingly diverse development world in which we live building management statements are becoming more and more common.

In many long established cities (i.e. Paris, New York), mixed-use buildings are the norm.  Retail and commercial are on the ground floor with residential units sitting above them.  Australia is starting to catch up and mixed-use developments are becoming more frequent in urban areas, particularly in inner and near city brownfield sites and greenfield sites (when they are available).

A building management statement governs the relationship of any number of entities with respect to property that is shared by them in a similar location. They are sometimes poorly drafted.  Other times they can disenfranchise the rights of one or more of the parties to them.

We specialise in giving advice to parties to a building management statement, most of which end up becoming bodies corporate.  As with all advice, understanding where you want to go is a critical part of the piece and we have helped many clients understand the commercial risks in various courses of action which helps them make decisions on how to deal with the particular issue they have.

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