Advice on statutory obligations

Every body corporate is regulated by the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 and a different Regulation Module. We have the largest team of body corporate specialists in Queensland and with our entire focus on strata, we know legislative and statutory framework inside out.

With specific industry focus comes a practical, theoretical and commercial understanding of how the legislation works and the multitude of statutory obligations that are imposed on a bodies corporate.

A body corporate as an entity has a lot of moving parts.  These are not just the day to day internal issues that happen when living in a strata scheme but the tasks, duties and specific functions that must be delivered upon as prescribed in the legislation. These statutory obligations are numerous and failing to understand what they are, what you need to do, and their purpose is a recipe for disaster.

Our body corporate team is the largest in Queensland, and it’s in our DNA to understand, comprehend and provide the best legal advice on statutory obligations.

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