Purchase of Management Rights

At Hynes Legal, one of our key practice areas in management rights is acting for purchasers of management rights businesses. These range from small first timers to corporates with multiple complexes.

A management rights purchase is more than just a simple conveyance. One size doesn’t fit all and it is a complex process. Issues will come up and how these are managed and resolved will be critical to achieving a successful result and avoiding future surprises.

At any given time our team at Hynes Legal will have 30, and up to 60, individual Management Rights transactions on foot.  These will be both purchases and sales, and be for all styles of buildings (permanent, holiday, corporate and student), from the top of Queensland down to regional coastal New South Wales.

The benefits of choosing Hynes Legal for your management rights purchase:

  • we are management rights experts, so our experience will help solve any issues and get the outcome you want;
  • we have long-term, loyal clients because we provide a personal service and want to build business relationships, not just get the job done;
  • we are easily contacted, and you can get hold of us when you need to. We return your calls; and
  • choosing Hynes Legal is an investment made now that will save problems down the road: you can have absolute confidence that you will be getting the right advice with us.

Guide to purchasing management rights

Management rights buyers introductory seminar

If you’re interested in buying management rights watch the below video of a recently held RAAS buyers seminar that looks at all the elements required for a successful purchase. It also provides insight into the management rights industry and how to successfully operate one. The presenters are all industry experts so also provide tips, tricks and suggestions to ensure you know what you’re getting into! Finally, they also examine the things you need to watch out for, pitfalls and common mistakes they see new owners (as well as experienced owners) make.

Examples of articles where we talk about these issues:

Reviewing your letting appointments

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