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Is there a challenging person in

body corporate giving you a headache?

Living in a strata community often involves conflict between residents. Dealing with strong emotions can be confronting for a body corporate, but an independent specialist like Chris Irons can help bring the peace. 

The Hynes Legal team report that 100% of the work they do for committee members could have been avoided if they’d engaged our consulting team to manage communications in the early stages of conflict.

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Top 3 Reasons Committees Choose Hynes Consulting:

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Save Time 

Decisions made in a body corporate have a direct impact on people’s homes and how they live in them. Every so often people will behave in a way that is confronting and difficult to manage. Dealing with the consequences can consume considerable body corporate time. Finding a solution quickly means everyone can get on with their lives. 


Save Money

Dealing with a challenging person can quickly escalate to legal action. When emotions boil over, reason often goes out the window. Body corporate levies can be better spent elsewhere than on expensive legal fees. Finding a quick, equitable solution to an emotional issue will save a body corporate considerable money.


Ease Tensions

Living in and working with a body corporate means dealing with some of the most emotive, strongly felt personal feelings imaginable. A dispute that seems to go on forever, endless emails, letters and meetings all accumulate to bring unnecessary stress on a body corporate run by volunteers.   

What Can you Expect from Challenging Person Facilitation?


Dispute Resolution

A third-party can bring an independent eye to a dispute and help ease tensions. A challenging person may be frustrated or angry because they don’t understand complex body corporate legislation. A strata expert who is well-versed in the legislation can explain a situation in easy-to-understand terms and help lead the way to a resolution acceptable by all sides. 

Challenging Persons Facilitation

Strategic Communication

Understanding the motivation behind a challenging person’s behaviour can help guide the strategy to finding a solution. Critically analysing incoming correspondence and communications can help determine the best response to de-escalate a situation and ease tensions. 

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Trained Facilitation

Facilitation helps parties in dispute reach an outcome that is acceptable to everyone. Often a solution can be found without the need for facilitation, but access to these specialist skills can be the difference between resolving a conflict between parties and the dispute escalating out of control.