Our most read articles of 2018

It is cheating from a content perspective to send one of these out (not quite in the sandpapergate class though), but the year has just started, everyone is getting back into the grind and attention spans might be a bit stretched, so the top 6 strata newsletters from last year were:

  1. The QCAT decision on short term letting by-laws 
  2. Our firstand secondcombustible cladding articles
  3. The article on what a quorumis
  4. The latest petdecision
  5. Body corporate insurance obligations

The cladding ones we could not have predicted at the start of the year as that came from left field, but pets, short term letting and advice about body corporate technicalities remain among the most common things we get asked about day to day.

All the best for 2019.  New content is on the way!

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