A Basic Guide to Navigating BCCM & BUGTA Legislation.

Confused by legislation? A back to basics webinar but one that will have value for anyone interested in understanding how the BCCM and BUGTA Acts and Regulation Modules work with each other and where to look for what!

The Hynes weekly webinar is the major strata and body corporate industry webinar that takes place every Thursday at 2pm (Brisbane time). Hosted by Frank Higginson, Partner and Director at Hynes Legal you can expect 30mins of (very) straight talking about issues, common problems and legislation changes that you need to know about. Hynes along with a panel of subject matter experts and thought leaders across the strata industry, cover a range of topics in an easy to digest format, while still being full of relevant and useful information.

Our regular viewers say “…it’s not high intensity learning, buts it’s stuff you need to know”.

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