Body Corporate FAQs


Who is responsible for repairing termite damage in a strata lot?

There is no universal answer to this question, but generally the body corporate for a scheme subject to a building format plan will almost always be responsible for termite damage, whether it is found on common property or a lot. Termites should not be able to access lots if the pest control of common property is adequately managed.

What happens if the strata scheme is subject to a standard format plan?

It is different for a body corporate subject to a standard format plan because it will not carry the same maintenance responsibilities for the structural elements of a lot. In that case, the individual owner can be responsible for termite damage found in their lot unless they can show that:

  • the body corporate breached its duty to maintain common property by failing to undertake adequate pest control; and
  • the termites came from common property, and therefore caused the damage to the lot.

Of course, alleging these things is easy enough. Proving them is another thing entirely.

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Further reading

Where a body corporate was held liable for damage to a lot-owner’s car because common property was not maintained:;query=damage%20to%20vehicle;mask_path=au/cases/qld/QBCCMCmr