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What by-laws does a body corporate require to govern smoking in a scheme?

Reviewing and Updating Smoking By-Laws

The legal framework surrounding smoking by-laws in Queensland is changing, so it is important for a body corporate to ensure its suite of by-laws are both up-to-date and legally enforceable.

Amending by-laws in isolation can have unintended consequences, as well as lead to possible legal complications. It is always advisable to review by-laws as a whole to minimise potential legal issues further down the track.

Smoking by-laws are particularly contentious as they deal with people’s perceived rights, both on the pro-smoking and the anti-smoking sides. This is why it is so important to get them right.

Hynes Legal offers a free body corporate by-law review to identify any potential problems:

Given the changing direction of strata law in Queensland, now is the sensible time to ensure by-laws are in place to achieve the body corporate’s aims.

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