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Management Rights Lawyers

Management rights businesses are a popular and unique property management product that allows an investor to combine a home and an income. However, what you don’t know can hurt you. With the myriad of rules involved, a management rights business is a potential minefield for investors unfamiliar with the territory. At Hynes Legal, we have the largest team of management rights specialists in Queensland who practice in both Queensland and New South Wales. Our expert management rights lawyers understand management rights law. It is an area that we are passionate about and invest a great deal of time in growing our knowledge base. We regularly present on management rights law and other areas pertinent to the sector via webinar, industry events or a cup of coffee with current and potential clients. 

Our team provides advice to many buyers and sellers of management rights businesses along with counsel to those already in the industry. We handle all aspects of a management rights transaction.

Hynes Legal are the Management Rights experts. Don’t put your management rights investment at risk. Management rights law isn't easy so working with someone who isn't a management rights expert is not a good idea.

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Our expertise

Getting the right legal advice is critical and we provide the essential legal services to our management rights clients, including:

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Frank Higginson

Director and Legal Practice Director

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Management rights news

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Pets living in strata are still right up there with the most emotional (and contested) matters.

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It helps that we have been banging on (some would say endlessly) about by-laws for a while. We continually see the carnage that results from by-law enforcement gone wrong. Some of that is the legal dispute the parties end up in but mostly it is about relationships. No one reacts well to being hit with a large stick. If by-law enforcement is handled badly, it becomes very hard to mend the relationships.

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These are all words that we use interchangeably in our day-to-day management rights dealings but they mean different things to different people.

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