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Investing in workplace training is one of the best ways to improve workplace culture and staff engagement (and therefore also increase efficiency and productivity).

From a legal perspective, training is also an important step in being able to demonstrate that you took all reasonable steps to:

  • inform employees of their obligations in the workplace; and
  • prevent inappropriate behaviours which pose a risk to the health or safety of others in the workplace or which are in breach of anti-discrimination legislation.

At Hynes Legal, our Employment and Workplace Relations team is able to provide training in a variety of areas. Some of our training courses are aimed at educating line managers and senior management regarding the organisation’s legal obligations in certain circumstances (and the risks arising from not meeting those obligations), whilst others are aimed at informing employees of the standard of behaviour expected of them in the workplace and the consequences for failing to meet those standards.

We also run “train the trainer” courses so that members of your organisation can be up-skilled to deliver training to other members of the organisation.

Our team offers training across a number of issues arising from hiring to firing. Our most popular training courses include:

  • issues in recruitment;
  • best practice performance management;
  • managing inappropriate workplace behaviour (including bullying, harassment and discrimination);
  • employment issues arising from employee social media use;
  • fair and lawful terminations;
  • conducting workplace investigations; and
  • workplace health and safety responsibilities

With all training courses, we ensure that they are appropriately tailored to your industry and workplace, and also that they tie into your organisation’s existing policies and procedures. If during the course of preparing for your training course we notice that your policies and procedures are deficient in any aspect, we can also assist you to rectify this.