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Employment Documentation

The contract of employment is the foundation of the employment relationship. It is essential that all businesses have in place well thought out and legally compliant employment contracts that are then backed up and supplemented with appropriate policies and procedures.

The importance of these documents cannot be overstated as most disputes and litigation in the employment context revolves around what was (or was not) in the relevant employment documentation.

Our Employment and Workplace Relations team can assist businesses to develop, review and implement employment documentation that meets the organisation’s legal obligations and is tailored to the needs of the particular business and workplace.

Employment documentation for your organisation might include:

  • employment contracts;
  • independent contractor agreements;
  • human resources policies and procedures;
  • best practice checklists;
  • remote work agreements;
  • individual flexibility agreements;
  • restraint and confidentiality deeds;
  • warning and termination letters; and
  • termination and redundancy scripts.

In many cases our team can draft these documents for a fixed fee.