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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Whilst we endeavour to assist clients to put in place measures which will prevent disputes and litigation from occurring, in the event of litigation our Employment and Workplace Relations group teams up with our expert litigators to ensure that your business’ rights are fully enforced and protected.

In an employment and industrial law context, our team can provide advice and representation in the following areas:

  • unfair dismissal and adverse action claims;
  • applications for Stop Bullying orders;
  • underpayment claims;
  • prosecutions by the Fair Work Ombudsman;
  • applications to the Fair Work Commission in respect of disputes under awards or EBAs;
  • discrimination and harassment complaints to the Australian Human Rights Commission or relevant state body;
  • discrimination and harassment claims in the Federal Court, Federal Magistrates Court or relevant state tribunal;
  • breach of contract claims;
  • competition and consumer claims (for example in relation to false and misleading representations during recruitment);
  • Supreme Court litigation regarding breach of restraints or in relation to the enforcement of intellectual property or confidentiality rights;
  • bargaining disputes and industrial action;
  • union right of entry issues; and
  • workplace health and safety prosecutions.