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Compliance Audits

Whilst clients may have invested significant time and money in putting in place various workplace policies and procedures, these policies and procedures have limited value and offer an organisation limited legal protection if they are not regularly reviewed.

Regular review of workplace practices, procedures and documentation is important for a number of reasons, including to:

  • CONFIRM that the business is paying employees correctly and providing the right entitlements;
  • ASSESS the effectiveness of existing policies and procedures;
  • ENSURE that policies and procedures reflect actual workplace practices; and
  • UPDATE policies and procedures to take into account any legislative changes, or learning’s from past disputes or litigation.

Our Employment and Workplace Relations team is available to conduct a comprehensive “health check” of your business’ workplace documentation and practices and provide you with a set of recommendations to help improve legal compliance, productivity and efficiency in your workplace.  We can then partner with you to prioritise and undertake any remedial work that may be identified during the audit.

We can undertake compliance audits for a fixed fee.