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Notices to Remedy a Breach

Motels that are not freehold going concerns will have a separation of ownership to create a landlord / tenant relationship. That relationship will be governed by the terms of the lease.

Either party can give the other a notice of breach under the lease if the other party is in default. The most common examples we see are where a tenant has not paid rent or where a landlord has not maintained the property as is required of it and given the tenant the full enjoyment of the property, 

A notice of default is a very serious matter and it must be treated in with the utmost importance. If not properly dealt with, a failure to address a breach notice could result in the termination of the lease and an entitlement to damages.

We act for both landlords and tenants and have successfully responded to or issued hundreds of breach notices over our years in the motel industry.

In some circumstances, breach notices can be resolved in a simple and efficient manner; however, some are more complex and difficult to address. Whatever the nature of the problem you need to make sure that you have a response that addresses the issues unique to your situation. It may be as simple as paying the rent, which is obviously going to be better spent than paying lawyers to argue about the arrears. 

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