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Dispute Resolution - Motels


As with any commercial lease arrangement, there can often be disputes between the parties as to their obligations. Our dispute resolution team has an understanding of leasing and how important it can be for either party to protect their position.

Our team specialises in:

  • front end litigation, such as disputes over sale contracts; and
  • disputes for leases, such as:
    • the scope and performance of the lease obligations;
    • responding to breach notices and attempts to terminate the lease;
    • obligations in relation to repairs and maintenance;
    • investigations and disciplinary proceedings by Liquor and Gaming; and
    • any disputes in relation to the interpretation and performance of the motel lease.

If an issue results in conflict, it is important to know that you have a complete legal team who can seamlessly assist and act for you to resolve the dispute quickly.

At Hynes Legal, we are commercially-driven and always focus on achieving an outcome that will minimise your cost-exposure and increase the value of your business.


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Frank Higginson

Frank Higginson


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