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Committees 101
An Essential Introduction to Bodies Corporate

Committees 101 is an essential introductory course for body corporate committee members. Delivered in a 2-hour facilitated training session broken down into 6 modules, each specifically designed to help attendees operate within their role as a body corporate committee member.

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Queensland’s Number One Training Solution for Body Corporate Committees

6 Benefits of Making Committees 101 Training a Requirement for All Committee Members

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Attract Committee Members

Offering introductory training in body corporate operations is considered highly valuable to lot owners and can improve their willingness to join a committee. Feeling underqualified or like they do not know enough about bodies corporate, often stands in the way of people volunteering their time to sit on a committee.

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Reduce Conflict 

Armed with greater knowledge of body corporate operations as well as expert tips and best-practice strategies for resolving conflict, committees often resolve problems among themselves. A base level understanding is critical in resolving conflict, both internally and externally to the committee.

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Improve Communication

Getting exclusive advice and tips from the ex-Commissioner on how to best communicate within a bodies corporate environment is invaluable in improving committee operations. The course covers what best-practice communication looks like and leaves attendees with various communications templates that will help them moving forward.

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Increase the Operational Effectiveness of the Committee

Increase the return on investment for the time and energy invested by individual committee members buy helping the owners corporation to operate more effectively as a collective. Assist the committee in achieving the best possible outcome in any situation.

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Exclusive Access to Committee Resource Library

Implementation guide, templates and further educational videos enable simple and effective implementation of the improvement strategies covered in the course. Including how-to effectively run an owners corporation meeting, what is a body corporate thesaurus and more.

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Reduce Reliance on BCM for Information

Committees will get greater return on investment from their Body Corporate Manager once they know how to navigate the strata environment themselves. Instead of relying on the manager for information and advice, committees are empowered to execute their rights and to better instruct their body corporate manager.

What is the Committees 101 Training Course?

Committees training

Make Better Decisions in Strata

Created by the best minds in strata, the Hynes team partnered with Chris Irons, former QLD Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management to develop a range of tools, courses and guides aimed at improving the way the sector operates. Chris brings a unique perspective to the table from his time as Commissioner, coupled with the insights and knowledge drawn from the only firm in Queensland to focus solely on strata. Committees 101 course follows a mantra to educate, guide and build confidence for people to make better strata decisions. This is the first of many educational offerings Hynes is spearheading for the sector.

1 session: 2 hours: 6 Modules

Taking a modular approach to course design enables Chris to deliver an enormous amount of learning within just over 2 hours of classroom time. Participants require no prior knowledge of bodies corporate to benefit from attending, although the course is also highly applicable to seasoned committee members. Interactive exercises and open forum discussions keep attendees engaged as Chris guides them through the 6 modules. At the end of the course there is a short exercise to ensure the learning outcomes have been achieved for every attendee.

Ongoing Support

Reduce the burden on your committee by providing them access to a growing library of templates, resources, and implementation guides for them to draw on as required. Having these resources at their disposal enables committees to implement best-practice methodologies for the day-to-day running of the committee. Expect support in the form of communications plan templates, explainer videos and webinars as-well as invitations to exclusive webinars specifically for committee members.