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About Chris Irons

Get advice directly from the Ex-Commissioner

Chris Irons spent almost six years at the top of body corporate life in Queensland. As Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management, Chris has an unequalled understanding of the operations of the Commissioner’s Office. His advice can help you efficiently navigate the legislative maze of strata in Queensland.

Is Mediation for you?

More than one way to resolve your dispute.

Times consuming and costly legal battles can often be avoided with the help of an evaluative mediation session, where parties are encouraged to reach agreement according to their rights and entitlements within the anticipated range of court remedies.

Through the expert guidance of Chris Irons, (former Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management) Hynes Mediation offers an alternative to resolving strata disputes, where there is a much better chance of returning to a harmonious body corporate situation after the proceedings.

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Training for Committee Members

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Hynes consulting services give clients access to the best minds in the business to help prevent issues from becoming problems. If an issue is left to simmer in a strata community it can end up causing a lot of cost, stress and lost time.

Seeking advice early can help prevent disputes from escalating. Whether it be a procedural matter for an annual general meeting or how to prepare a case for the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management, sound advice is invaluable.

Hynes Consultants

Why Choose Hynes Legal

Hynes’ team of Strata consultants bring the unique experience of the ex-Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management and years of practical know-how to guide you across every aspect of the strata sector.

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More Choice

Hynes Consultants bring a unique perspective not always found among lawyers. They work with you to ensure you fully understand your options when it comes to resolving a strata dispute. Getting the right advice from the outset can help you choose the best way forward. From mediation sessions to implementing a better communications protocol for dealing with challenging lot owners, our consultants have a range of non-legal options that we can help you with.

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Lower Fees

No one enjoys the inevitable costly legal fees involved in resolving a body corporate matter in court. Hynes Consultants look at ways to resolve your body corporate or strata issue, without needing to engage lawyers. From helping you prepare a submission to the Commissioner’s Office, right through to dealing with a challenging person directly on your behalf, Hynes Consultants can help you avoid costly legal battles.

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Better Outcome

Feedback from our clients shows that there is value in finding a solution that allows everyone to return to a comfortable and harmonious living situation once a strata dispute has been resolved. Engaging a softer approach through Hynes Consulting avoids the inevitable chance meeting in the lift or a common area with someone you took to court, someone who is not happy with the outcome.

Our Consulting Services

Training for Committee Members

Committees 101 training delivers a 2 hour virtual classroom experience that is invaluable for new and existing committee members and lot owners. The training is aimed at giving participants the knowledge they need to make better, more informed decisions in strata.

Participants can expect to learn the basics of body corporate operations, followed by an in-depth and targeted deep dive into the common issues faced by body corporate committees. Participants will be armed with resolution strategies for disputes as well as proactive and best-practice methods for approaching the various parts of body corporate operations.

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Hynes uses mediation, utilising the expertise and experience of former Body Corporate and Community Management Commissioner Chris Irons, to save parties time, stress and money in resolving their problems.

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Body Corporate Managers support

Hynes consultants work with Body Corporate Managers to find solutions to difficult legislative and decision-making challenges. Examples of the types of support we offer to Body Corporate Managers include:

Retained services

Under a retainer, body corporate managers gain ongoing access to former Body Corporate and Community Management Commissioner Chris Irons, providing invaluable advice for dealing with Commissioner’s Office matters as well as for difficult buildings, committees and individuals.

Part 5 engagement and administrator appointments

Hynes provides measured guidance to help managers navigate through prescribed legislative processes.


When body corporate problems appear insurmountable, facilitation may be the answer. Facilitation acts as a circuit breaker in disputes and sets a path towards resolution. Facilitation can take many forms including:

Committee conferences

As volunteers, committee members need support to deal with day-to-day challenges. Chris Irons holds conferences with committees to help establish and narrow their concerns, before working with them on practical solutions.

Town hall forums

When there is a contentious motion or other issue to be discussed and decided upon, a town hall style forum can assist in answering questions, addressing concerns and shoring up support before a formal body corporate meeting. Chris Irons is ideally credentialed to facilitate these forums.

Government Advocacy

Chris Irons draws upon his two decades of experience working for the Queensland Government to advocate for your body corporate problem. He speaks the specialised language of government.

Negotiating Challenging People

Committees often face challenging people in their strata. Their time is absorbed by one, or a handful of challenging individuals that raise a high volume of motions or requests or demand a high level of correspondence. Hynes consulting have developed a solution to help and empower committees to better manage challenging people.

Our Case Studies

Mediation: getting breakthroughs between committee and caretaker

Background: as a precursor to contract renegotiations, a committee engaged Chris to mediate between them and their caretakers. There was a history of negative interactions and communications, as well as mistrust, on both sides. The committee thought mediation, using Chris’s expertise, could help to narrow a long list of problems before the renegotiations.

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Challenging person facilitation: taking the pressure off committees

Background: a committee saw the bulk of their time being absorbed by dealing with the large volume of complaints, correspondence and requests from a single owner. So much so, it was having an impact on the committee’s ability to move ahead with project works at the building. Committee members were also becoming stressed. They approached Chris for a solution.

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