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Free Guide To Selling Management Rights.

Are you looking to sell your management rights business but you’re not sure where to start? Get on the front foot with our guide to selling your management rights business.

Successful Management Rights Businesses Rely on Hynes

3 Ways Hynes Legal Supports Management Rights Owners

Management Rights Review Service

We’ll remind you of the key management rights dates for your business, what you need to do and when you need to do it by. This ensures your management rights agreements stay as current as possible.

Insider Tips

We provide a tailored program of content that provides hints and tips to help you on your management rights journey. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, this program provides practical industry-leading information on what  you should be doing and when you need to do it.

Contract Review

Getting exclusive advice and tips from the ex-Commissioner on how to best communicate within a bodies corporate environment is invaluable in improving committee operations. The course covers what best-practice communication looks like and leaves attendees with various communications templates that will help them moving forward.

Understand the Process with our Free Management Rights Guide.

Sale Process

Going to market prepared and confident is crucial to a smooth sale process. Knowing what to expect is key to reducing stress and being prepared for every step of the sales process. Our guide to selling management rights outlines the process as well as providing tips that will help you prepare your house and business before you go to market.

Management Rights Terminology

There is a multitude of terminology used with the management rights industry that is little-known to most potential buyers. From legal speak through to abbreviated terms, having a quick reference guide to help decipher information gives you a strong foundation for quickly navigating the purchasing process.

Where to Sell your Business

Understand where to sell your management rights business including the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms of listing.