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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is an important element of every business, including Not for Profit organisations. Securing and controlling the use of intellectual property generated in the Not for Profit business is an important part of retaining value in the organisation and managing risk.

A Not for Profit organisation needs to consider the following implications of intellectual property, which includes:

  • intellectual property generated by the organisation such as copyright in the documents that relate to the conduct of a business including web content, policies, advertising material, correspondence and publications; and
  • securing relevant intellectual property licences such as IT licences and certain publications.

For Research and Development organisations that are Not for Profit the whole purpose of their existence can be the production of intellectual property, so securing ownership, protecting the intellectual property as well as controlling its use, dissemination and commercialisation is critical to ensuring the benefit of the intellectual property they create is realised.

At Hynes Legal, we understand the importance of intellectual property through our extensive work in the Research and Development sector and this experience can be shared with our Not for Profit clients.