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Where to now for strata law reform?

16 Nov 2017

What a question!

The coming election is about a range of things, with the Adani mine as one of the biggest issues.  The complete absence of comment from any political party about their position on strata law reform indicates it is way down the list for everyone.

As it sits right now we have out there in the legislative ether:

The lot entitlements discussion paper was issued in February 2014 which is almost four years ago. The BUGTA one was issued in September this year. 

Your guess is as good as ours as to what the make-up of the new parliament will be.  We have no idea who will be running Queensland come 26 November or what their legislative priorities will be for strata.

As much as we think the bulk of the recommendations are not contentious, some are. The most contentious are the ability to adjust lot entitlements and the forced sale of strata properties for economic reasons.

Until then we simply have to ‘live in the now’ and operate as we are, not as what might be.

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