Changes to Queensland Tenancy Law in Strata

History is rife with fierce conflicts: the Greeks vs the Trojans, the Allies vs the Axis, Napoleon vs almost everyone — but can any of those compare with the ongoing battle between tenants and owner occupiers in a strata scheme? The laws that govern tenants’ rights in strata have changed in Queensland, and there is much to know for building managers, investors and estate agents. Residential tenancies legislation and Body Corporate legislation have long sat uncomfortably together. For example, one recent change in tenants’ rights allows people escaping domestic violence to change locks without prior permission, provided they supply copies of keys to the managing agent or landlord – but often locks are part of common property, which raises some important issues. Under the new laws, tenants will have the upfront right to have a pet in their home – so what happens if the Body Corporate has a bylaw that restricts pets in the building? Strata experts Frank Higginson from Hynes Legal and Chris Irons explore some of the issues affecting strata schemes and tenants’ rights in this revealing webinar.

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