Lot entitlements – the issues paper has been released

As promised by the LNP government (Queensland), lot entitlements is at the top of the list for the statewide property law review and the issues paper on lot entitlements is now publicly available here.

The paper does not state what the government is going to do about lot entitlements, but if you are interested in the issue it is well worth reading. It provides a comprehensive summary of how we got to where we did until a stop was put to lot entitlement adjustments early last year. More importantly, it also sets out all the issues surrounding lot entitlements and provides 60 questions for specific public comment.

Submissions closed on 14 March 2014.

It is intended that the professors from Queensland University of Technology managing the process are to report to the Queensland government on the submissions by mid year. From there the timing of the announcement of government policy is unknown. Having said that, given the speed with which this government can move, we would be surprised if we all weren’t told something by late this year.

If you have an interest in lot entitlements you should get involved.

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