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Backing out of an off-the plan contract – Part 216 Dec

In our previous article we discussed how in certain circumstances false representations made by a real estate agent prior to entering into the contract may provide a buyer with an opportunity to terminate an off-the-plan contract. more

Backing out of an off-the plan contract - Part 102 Nov

Buying-off the plan is similar to going on a first date. You don’t know what to expect and it doesn't always end well. more

Insolvent Superannuation Funds – unforeseen consequences19 Feb

With the reduction in returns from standard investments and the relaxation of rules relating to superannuation investment, it is understandable that investors will look to expand the scope of their superfund's operations. While superannuation is intended to be a nest egg for the future, these factors can lead to failed investments and complex consequences of insolvencies. more

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