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The draft Standard Module has been released03 Sep

We don’t think you could call any of the proposed changes revolutionary, but there are some interesting tweaks to some areas of law – particularly for developers. more

It’s time to revisit the management rights assignment process12 Aug

It is time for the management rights industry to look at revisiting the management rights assignment process. Everyone needs to start treating the assignment process with a bit more respect. more

The latest management rights termination battle07 Aug

We have written a bit about bodies corporate attempting to terminate management rights agreements over the years... more

Short term letting affecting strata insurance19 Jul

Have you ever wondered what happens when a lot owner starts short term letting and it affects the ability of the body corporate to get the required statutory insurance? more

Visitor parking in strata - Who is a visitor?11 Jun

You might wonder why the question of who is a visitor matters, and if you do, you are in the strata minority. The ostensible abuse of visitor car parking privileges is the trigger for an enormous amount of body corporate angst. more

Is it defamatory to call someone unfinancial?05 Jun

It must be the season for ‘interesting’ defamation proceedings. This one will be of special interest to the strata managers (and perhaps chairpersons) out there who have to declare people unfinancial at general meetings. more

Rights of access to lots05 Jun

Many bodies corporate are mistaken about their rights to access lots. There is a right to access a lot only for specific purposes and in accordance with the Act. If you want to read an appeal decision about whether a body corporate acted reasonably in accessing a lot, then read on – and before you think this is just a body corporate issue there is a bit in this one for management rights operators about working with heights and the related work health and safety issues…. more

Solving management rights disputes09 May

Read this if you are interested in watching a seminar Frank Higginson did for nearly 200 resident managers about what he sees as the most common causes of management rights disputes and how to prevent them. more

That’s it for contribution schedule lot entitlement adjustments30 Apr

Read this if you are interested in whether your share of the body corporate levies can be changed without your consent. more

Superannuation changes - you may need to pay super on annual leave loading 09 Apr

The ATO has recently clarified its position in relation to superannuation payments in respect of annual leave loading. more

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