Looking for a better way to recover body corporate levies?

We can help with our three step process.

Debt recovery, in any circumstance, is never any fun. It is tough managing relationships, wading through disputes and finally securing an outcome, it can be very time-consuming. Add in the fact that all lot owners in your scheme have a legally binding obligation to pay their levies and you have the perfect mix for disaster! That’s where we can help. Let us take control of your debt recovery process.

Body corporate legislation REQUIRES that committees recover unpaid levies. If you fail to recover any levies from the owners in your scheme, every other owner would be required to dip into their pockets (again). They cannot be waived (in any circumstances).

So, let them get out of hand and you’re in a bit of strife.

This is where our three-step process can help you take control of the recovery process and keep you on the front foot.

Our process provides an easy platform for a Committee to complete the most important steps to kick-start the recovery process. It ensures that the right documentation is in place and that you are in a position to be pro-active and increase the chances of recovery.

Although our goal is to help you recovery outstanding levies as quickly as possible, it is important to note that the formal recovery process is undertaken via the Court system. Our process aims to avoid this part of the journey and we believe our three-step process is the most effective way to secure a positive, cost-effective and less combative outcome.

So what does the Hynes Legal three-step process entail?

Well, we can just give that away without asking you for something in return. Let’s just say, it is easy, effective and a good way to maximise your chances of recovering outstanding levies

In the event our process isn’t successful, the body corporate would then need to commence proceedings.

We can also handle these proceedings for you.

If you would like to receive an obligation free proposal for Hynes Legal to act on your behalf to recover Body Corporate levies for your scheme, simply complete the form to the right and we will be in touch.

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“We own a management rights business consisting of 7 schemes in North Queensland. We could not be happier with the advice and support Hynes Legal we have owned our business.”
Kevin and Melissa Speer | Managers, On The Beach – Cairns

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