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The monthly wrap

15 Jun 2020

Some of you might have noticed that we have moved more towards webinar content for the moment. That’s partly because it is a great way to communicate and also partly because the pace at which events have happened in this COVID environment means getting in front of a camera is the fastest and most effective way of getting you the information you need about issues that impact you.

We are doing weekly webinars

Every Friday at 2pm we are doing a live webinar of around 30 minutes on the topic of the week. At the moment they’re run by Chris Irons and Frank Higginson, but as we get more into the routine, we will welcome other team members and expert guests.

If you haven’t seen them, you can watch the recent webinars on the COVID reforms (we wrote about them here), dealing with nuisance (or challenging) owners and renovations in strata. We’re getting some excellent participation in these webinars – you can ask questions live – and the conversational-style approach from Chris and Frank makes it easy to get into some tricky strata topics.

Topic announcements

We don’t decide the topic for that week’s webinar until the Tuesday of the week (we also like to build anticipation!).You can follow us on any of our social platforms at Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to find out about the topic, or you can just tune in and find out then!

Welcome to the team, Bronwyn Rule

Bronwyn has joined our team. Bronwyn would be well known to many in the strata management industry and has more than a decade of strata law experience. She adds substantial additional depth to our strata law team.

Chris Irons

The former Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management, Chris Irons, could not have picked a more interesting time to join the private sector, but is now well and truly engaged with a number of strata participants helping to resolve contentious issues in ways that avoid the need for legal threats. It is very much about finding solutions based on his experience.

Negotiating non-legal solutions to strata disputes is one of the drivers that convinced Chris to leave his role as Commissioner and join Hynes Legal. You can watch him and Frank Higginson present a webinar on mediation to ARAMA members, which they have authorised us to share. The content about resolutions of disputes applies equally to committees.

Make sure you follow us on the platform of your choice

If you’re keen to find out what this week’s topic is, or to see last week’s recording, just follow us on the social platform of your choice – Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. We do the live webinars on Facebook, but the recordings can be watched on Facebook or on YouTube later.