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Workplace Health and Safety

Our Aged Care and Retirement Living team has the expertise to assist our clients in managing their workplace health and safety risks by ensuring that our clients:

  • are aware of their workplace health and safety obligations;
  • have effective policies and procedures in place; and
  • respond efficiently and appropriately when an adverse incident occurs.

A workplace incident can have very serious consequences for an organisation, its directors and managers. We recognise that when a serious workplace incident occurs it is imperative to respond immediately and appropriately. Our team is available to assist our clients when such an incident occurs, no matter what the time of day or night.

We offer our clients a full range of services in workplace health and safety including:

  • Policy review and development;
  • Developing and implementing training programs which educate staff, managers and directors about their personal obligations and the organisation’s obligations;
  • Conducting (or assisting our clients to conduct) incident investigations;
  • Assisting our clients to manage their interaction with government entities and regulators;
  • Defending prosecutions;
  • Developing organisational risk management strategies to prevent future occurrences; and
  • Developing and implementing workplace incident investigation systems which are tailored to our client’s needs.