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Senior Executives

Whether you are considering an offer of employment, accused of some form of wrongdoing, or involved in a dispute with your employer (or former employer), it is important to have a clear understanding of your legal rights and responsibilities.

Our Employment and Workplace Relations can provide advice and assistance to Senior Executives in relation to all aspects of their employment (including disputes and litigation).

In particular, our team can provide advice to Senior Executives in the following areas:

  • Offers of employment, employment contracts and bonus schemes
  • Enforceability of restraints of trade
  • Investigations into alleged misconduct or wrongdoing by the Executive
  • Termination entitlements
  • Breach of contract
  • Wrongful termination or redundancy
  • Due diligence obligations under work health and safety legislation
  • Personal liability for unlawful conduct by the Executive's employer
  • Litigation by the Executive's employer/former employer

Our team is experienced in dealing with Senior Executives across a number of industries and understands the need for a practical and commercial approach to legal issues that enables the Executive to move on with their career with their reputation and public profile intact. Please contact Kristin Ramsey for a confidential discussion should you require assistance in relation to any of the above areas.