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Motels are a very well established property product that provides a choice for investors to:

  • operate a going concern business and own the freehold property; or
  • invest in just the freehold property (the same as most other commercial landlords – except that you have a long lease in place);
  • invest in just the business.

At Hynes Legal, we have a team of specialists who practice in both Queensland and New South Wales. Our expert lawyers understand motels and the issues facing any tourism-based business. It is an area that we are passionate about and invest a great deal of time in growing our knowledge base on.

Our team provides advice to many buyers and sellers of motel businesses, owners of the freeholds as landlords along with providing counsel to those already in the industry. We handle all aspects of a motel transaction.  We are the motel experts. Don’t put your motel investment at risk. Make sure you use experts to guide you in your motel journey.

If you currently own a motel, We invite you to upload a copy of your lease. Our team will review it (without cost or obligation) and provide you with a letter which identifies any key dates that you should be aware of in relation to your lease and the key maintenance obligations.

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Getting the right legal advice is critical and we can provide many legal services to our clients, including:


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Expert motel lawyers

Amy  O’Donnell

Amy O’Donnell


Management Rights

Motels news

Is it time for market rent reviews in the motel industry?20 Aug

The single biggest expense in a motel business is usually the rent. Motel rents can get out of sync with the market. This article deals with some of the things to consider if that has happened to you and also our long-term solution (which you might be able to guess from the headline)!

The Motel Lease – the term17 May

The term of the Lease is extremely important to both the value of the Tenant's business and the value of the Freehold owner's investment.

The key legal differences between motels and management rights08 May

There are (obviously) two very different business models in the management rights and motel industries.

Do not forget your option28 Mar

We all know motel leases have finite terms. There is nothing standard about any of them and the term itself can be expressed in many ways.

Digital marketing – breaking geographic borders for the accommodation industry24 May

The ultimate goal of any successful accommodation provider is to develop their profile and positioning as a provider of choice to their consumers, obviously being potential guests or tenants. The issue with traditional marketing techniques and methods is that the strategies usually used follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach.