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Strata titling existing buildings

18 Nov 2015

It all starts with the local authority and their requirements.  What you have at the moment is one title.  What you are going to do is to create a number of separate lots from that one title – to subdivide it.  The local authority will no doubt have town planning rules around whether you can do that, and if so, what the requirements for the lots are.  This can then involve other requirements like fire and rescue requirements, parking and so on.  A town planner is the place to start in terms of what the local authority will allow and on what terms – meaning what it will cost you in terms of property upgrades and /or infrastructure charges.

If you can do it, you are then going to need:

  1. A surveyor – to ‘draw’ the new lots for the purposes of creating them – along with any exclusive use areas;
  2. A body corporate manager - to set the budgets up and then administer the body corporate after it is created;
  3. A lawyer – to do the new CMS with all of the by-laws and then register that with the plan created by the surveyor to create the lots.

Start with planning and the costs for getting the lots created.  After that, it tends to fall into line.

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