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Short Term Restorative Care – a new kind of flexible care

By Julie McStay06 Jun 2016

Legislation for the Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) Programme has been released, and it is now time for providers to consider whether they wish to offer this form of care.

What is STRC?

STRC is a way to provide flexible care that is aimed at increasing the care options available to older people and improving their capacity to stay independent and living in their homes.  STRC is characterised as goal-oriented, multidisciplinary and time-limited.

Under the STRC, eligible care recipients will be able to receive flexible care as STRC for up to 56 days. No more than two episodes of STRC will be available for each care recipient in a 12 month period. STRC eligibility is not linked to a hospital stay which will open up flexible care to a wider range of care recipients than the Transition Care Programme is able to reach.

Depending on the needs of the care recipient, care can be provided in the home setting, residential setting or a combination of both. The care and services available under the STRC are the same as those available to all care recipients in a residential care setting and a home care setting.

Approval as a flexible care provider and allocation of STRC places

To be eligible to receive flexible care subsidy for providing STRC, providers must:

Obtain approval as a flexible care provider under the Aged Care Act 1997 (Cth).  There is no requirement for providers to also obtain approval to provide residential care or home care.  There will be two application forms, one for existing approved providers of aged care and another for providers who are not approved to deliver any type of care. The Department of Health (Department) is yet to release the application forms.

Hold an allocation of STRC places. Providers will be invited to apply for STRC places through an  Aged Care Approval Round (ACAR). The Department is yet to confirm whether STRC places will be offered as an abridged ACAR or included in the 2016 residential care ACAR.

Responsibilities of an SRTC provider

When providing care and services under the STRC Programme, providers must:

  • comply with the obligations of flexible care providers under the Aged Care Act;
  • offer a flexible care agreement to potential care recipients.

Next steps for providers

Interested providers should begin to position themselves to apply for approval to provide STRC and to obtain STRC places. We will keep providers updated when the Department announces an invitation to apply for STRC places.  In the meantime:

We are in the process of preparing a pro-forma flexible care agreement that can be tailored to suit your specific needs.  Our agreement will be released before the allocation of STRC places. If you are interested in purchasing our agreement, please contact us for an individual quote.
We can also assist you to gather the information and documents you will need to apply for approval and help you complete the forms as soon as they are released.

If you would like to know any more specific information about STRC and the options available for you, please contact Julie McStay Director - Aged Care and Retirement Living, Hynes Legal.

This content is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice.


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