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Medication management in home care – managing risk under the new Standards

28 Jun 2018

Medication management is one of the highest risk areas for home care providers. As care recipients’ needs escalate and the complexity of their care increases, so too does the risk for providers who offer medication management services.

As your service offering evolves over time, you may find the risk profile of your service has outgrown the policies and procedures in place, or in some cases, there may be no medication management systems or risk management frameworks in place at all.

Under the new Aged Care Quality Standards, approved providers of home care who offer clinical care such as medication management will be required to demonstrate that they have systems in place to ensure effective management of high-impact or high-prevalence risks. There is an expectation that provider offering medication services have robust frameworks in place to ensure compliance and demonstrate services are provided in accordance with consumer choice.

The first step to ensuring compliance with the new Standards is to have a comprehensive medication management policy and procedure in place.

In conjunction with our Clinical Consultant, we have developed a medication management policy and procedure framework which can be easily implemented in a home care service to ensure compliance. Our framework can also be used by retirement village operators who provide medication assistance or other community care service providers who wish to implement a best practice approach.

Our medication management policy and procedure is very comprehensive and includes (not an exhaustive list):

  • Roles and responsibilities including clients, doctors, pharmacists, registered nurses, enrolled nurses, assistants in nursing etc;
  • Safe practice requirements including assessment and administration;
  • Levels of support for administration;
  • Supply and packaging of medication;
  • Storage of medication;
  • Disposal of medication (including controlled medication);
  • Record keeping;
  • Medication terms and abbreviations and descriptions;
  • Medication errors; and
  • Medication routes (how the medication is administered).

Each policy and procedure is specific to the relevant state/territory to ensure compliance in each jurisdiction, as well as adhering to Federal legislative obligations.

In addition to the policy and procedure, we also offer supporting document templates including medication management forms including assessments and consent forms as well as organisational training, in conjunction with our clinical consultant.

Now is the best time to strengthen your systems and processes as we work towards the new Home Care Standards.

Please contact us to discuss our medication management framework.


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