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Lot entitlements - Can you unscramble the egg?10 Oct

Ordinarily, the answer would be a resounding ‘no’, but the government may have to give it a go with lot entitlements. more

Christmas is approaching - is it time to give notice?07 Oct

Do you intend to shut down operations over the Christmas and New Year period this year? more

The golden rules of by-law enforcement 14 Sep

Acquiescence. Such a beautiful word. But not when it comes to by-law enforcement. more

Another version of the Form 6 is live22 Jul

We now know who is going to be running the country for the next three years, and for those of you who took our advice to start preparing new Form 6’s from 1 July while we waited to see who got up, you can scrap that. more

Industrial relations: Election result - tougher penalties and a stronger watchdog 13 Jul

So after a nail-biting fortnight, Bill Shorten has conceded the election and the Coalition have been returned to Government with Malcolm Turnbull remaining at the helm (at least for the time being). more

Latest version of the Form 6 is live06 Jul

The OFT have issued a new version, effective Friday 1 July. more

Conditioning management rights assignments08 Jun

Bodies corporate are becoming increasingly empowered when considering management rights assignments. more

Bullying in strata24 May

Workplace bullying continues to rise with the latest surveys indicating up to 40% of employees have experienced bullying at some point in their working lives. more

Digital marketing – breaking geographic borders for the accommodation industry24 May

The ultimate goal of any successful accommodation provider is to develop their profile and positioning as a provider of choice to their consumers, obviously being potential guests or tenants. The issue with traditional marketing techniques and methods is that the strategies usually used follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach. more

Smoking in strata 21 Apr

We have no idea how we haven’t written about this issue before but in terms of frequently asked questions in strata this is one of the biggies. more

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