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Manage your facility’s holiday risks this Easter

By Julie McStay21 Mar 2016

The primary risk comes from visitors who do not attend the facility regularly and are generally unfamiliar with facility operations. These visitors may attempt to make amends for their absence and disrupt daily processes with unrealistic demands. For example a nephew who is visiting one morning, for the first time in over a year, may not be aware that his uncle likes to shower at night and could complain that his uncle has not had a shower before lunch.

The use of Agency staff can be another risk for approved providers during the holiday period.  While use of Agency staff provides a short term solution for roster shortages, unfortunately it can contribute to difficulties in maintaining continuity of care.

Approved providers can reduce holiday risks by ensuring management are appropriately placed to direct and supervise staff during the Easter break. Staff should also be informed to be mindful of complaints that may result from increased risks over Easter.  In the event a complaint is made staff should be well prepared to respond in accordance with a resident’s rights.

If your facility experiences a significant incident or complaint over the Easter break Julie McStay is contactable during this time to assist with legal advice and appropriate responses.

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