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Industrial relations considerations in outsourcing and offshoring05 Oct

Outsourcing and offshoring is particularly fashionable at the moment with businesses of all shapes and sizes exploring strategies to keep labour costs down whilst still maintaining high operational standards and efficiencies. more

Domestic Violence Orders – businesses make take reasonable steps to accommodate workers12 Sep

A recent decision of the Full Federal Court to uphold a 2015 decision of the Fair Work Commission highlights some of the practical difficulties employers may face when dealing with the impact of domestic violence orders in the workplace. more

FWO cracking down on employment conditions in the aged care and disability service industries – it's time to get your house in order!12 Sep

In November 2015 the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) commenced an audit campaign in the health care and social assistance industry (one of Australia’s largest employing industries). more

Pokémon player gets hit by a car – are employers liable?19 Jul

Faces buried in smartphones is a familiar site this week as people everywhere are engrossed in the task of capturing, battling and training Pokémon creatures as they pop up at locations around the globe. more

Industrial relations: Election result - tougher penalties and a stronger watchdog 13 Jul

So after a nail-biting fortnight, Bill Shorten has conceded the election and the Coalition have been returned to Government with Malcolm Turnbull remaining at the helm (at least for the time being). more

A true David and Goliath battle: how one employee can bring down your entire EBA 06 Jun

Last week’s decision by the Fair Work Commission to overturn the approval of the Coles Store Team Enterprise Agreement 2014 – 2017 shows that all it takes is one disadvantaged employee to bring down a whole agreement. more

Fair Work Commission announces increase to federal minimum wage31 May

The Fair Work Commission’s Expert Wage Panel handed down its annual wage decision moments ago. more

Bullying in strata24 May

Workplace bullying continues to rise with the latest surveys indicating up to 40% of employees have experienced bullying at some point in their working lives. more