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Brisbane City Council announces policies to promote aged care and retirement development

31 Aug 2016

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has announced several planning policies aimed at encouraging aged care and retirement living development in Brisbane City Council.  Details of the announcement can be found here.

Council has cited both the increasing demand for aged care and retirement living accommodation (particularly in suburban areas) and the higher development cost for facilities, relative to traditional residential dwellings, as drivers for the proposals.  The announcement comes out of the Lord Mayor's Taskforce into Retirement and Aged Care established in 2015 to find solutions to the demand and costs issues.

The intention is to make it more desirable for developers of aged care and retirement living and encourage development in Brisbane to meet the increasing demand into the future.  Similar schemes have been used previously by Council to promote the development of student accommodation and hotels.

Importantly, Council has recognised the considerable difficulty and cost of acquiring suitable development sites in urban areas.  As a result, Council has indicated that they will encourage new facilities which are integrated with the surrounding communities and uses. That signals an intention to actively promote developments which are co-located with existing sporting clubs, recreational areas and churches. 

Here is a snapshot of some of the key policies:

  • a 33% reduction in infrastructure charges for aged care and retirement accommodation over a three year period
  • the introduction of a streamlined development application assessment process for new facilities/villages
  • changes to the City Plan to:
    • emphasise the importance of, and need for, aged care and retirement accommodation
    • allow for residential aged care and retirement villages in low-density residential areas
    • increase the allowable  building height limits in medium and high-density residential areas
    • facilitate the integration of facilities with existing community use areas (such as sport/recreation and churches)

Hynes Legal have acted for developers, operators and clubs on various aged care and retirement developments, including co-location projects with existing sporting clubs. 

Please contact our aged care and retirement living team if you have any queries or would like to discuss any development opportunities.

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