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Defamation in strata28 May

Most of our articles are Queensland centric. This one is effectively national, because while defamation is something that our constitution deems a State issue, each State has adopted the same defamation legislation. more

Separating your lot from your management rights business20 May

Back when real estate wasn’t as expensive, multipliers weren’t as high and banks didn’t care as much about serviceability as they did security, buying a lot with a business all worked without much of an issue. more

That’s it for contribution schedule lot entitlement adjustments30 Apr

Read this if you are interested in whether your share of the body corporate levies can be changed without your consent. more

When can a body corporate withhold access to records?30 Jan more

Our most read articles of 201818 Jan

Here are the most useful, interesting and most read articles from 2018! more

Hynes Legal promotes two new partners20 Dec

Hynes Legal is pleased to announce the appointment of two new partners Amy O’Donnell and Todd Garsden, effective 1 January 2019. more

QCAT considers short term letting by-laws21 Nov

Governments create laws. Courts and tribunals interpret those laws when they make decisions on disputes. We all then rely on those interpretations as gospel in terms of what the legislation actually means. more

Body corporate insurance obligations16 Oct

If William Shakespeare was a Queensland strata title property owner (particularly in North Queensland), he might at this very stage be writing: more

The cladding bus has left the station03 Oct

It is terrifying how quickly time flies. Two months ago we wrote about the new cladding regulation. It has now commenced. more

The meaning of ‘full and accurate minutes’ – the devil is in the detail 14 Aug

There are two sets of minutes that must be kept by every body corporate. Those at committee level and those at general meeting level. more

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