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Mandatory flu vaccination for aged care staff – can providers implement a ‘no jab, no shift’ policy?26 Apr

Whilst it is recognized that most providers offer an annual vaccination program, the Federal Government has now mandated that all aged care operators offer the flu vaccination to their staff. more

Hynes Legal appoints senior commercial lawyer to grow aged care and retirement living team12 Apr

Hynes Legal is pleased to announce the appointment of experienced commercial lawyer, Helen Kay, as an Associate Director. more

Action required - new labour hire licencing scheme impacts all aged care and community service providers11 Apr

From 18 April 2018 all labour hire providers will need a licence to operate in Queensland. more

Debt recovery, attorneys and impaired capacity06 Apr

Recovering debts in the aged care context can be complex, particularly where a resident has appointed an attorney or there are issues of capacity. more

Separating your lot from your management rights business03 Apr

Banks like real estate. We all need somewhere to live. These largely underpinned the creation of the typical management rights business model of a home with an income. more

Federal Court decision on “Asset Replacement Charge” 07 Mar

On Friday, 2 March 2018, the Federal Court of Australia handed down its decision concerning the validity of the “Asset Replacement Charge” which Regis Aged Care has been charging to residents. more

Can a body corporate be allergic to pets?22 Feb

Dander – it’s not a word most of us come across very often, other than back in primary school and Robert Louis Stevenson books. It probably goes hand in hand with ‘pluck’. more

New licensing scheme impacts all aged care and community service providers15 Feb

New laws regarding using or providing labour hire services will shortly commence. These changes affect all aged care and community service providers. more

Variations, top ups, extensions and options07 Feb

These are all words that we use interchangeably in our day-to-day management rights dealings but they mean different things to different people. more

Voluntary Assisted Dying Act comes into law11 Dec more

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