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The golden rules of pet approvals19 Mar

The golden rules of pet approvals

Pets living in strata are still right up there with the most emotional (and contested) matters.

Best practice with by-laws26 Feb

It helps that we have been banging on (some would say endlessly) about by-laws for a while. We continually see the carnage that results from by-law enforcement gone wrong. Some of that is the legal dispute the parties end up in but mostly it is about relationships. No one reacts well to being hit with a large stick. If by-law enforcement is handled badly, it becomes very hard to mend the relationships.

Can a body corporate be allergic to pets?22 Feb

Can a body corporate be allergic to pets?

Dander – it’s not a word most of us come across very often, other than back in primary school and Robert Louis Stevenson books. It probably goes hand in hand with ‘pluck’.

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