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Hynes Legal alliance with Community Services Industry Alliance to provide Consumer Law awareness to Disability services providers

21 Nov 2016

Hynes Legal, one of Australia’s leading specialists in community living law, has launched a strategic partnership with the Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) to provide Consumer Law awareness and advice to service providers in the Disability Services sectors.

Leo Hopsick, a Director at Hynes Legal who heads up the firm’s Corporate Advisory group, observes that as the Consumer Directed Care (CDC) model is further embedded with the advent of the NDIS, Community Services providers will be faced with a more consumer empowered, market driven environment.

“More than ever before, services providers will need to scrutinise their contractual relationships with care recipients (Customers) and the attendant risks and legal obligations of those arrangements” Mr Hopsick said.

“Consumer Law oversees those contracts and is complex. Issues of risk management, and service quality in particular need to be addressed. Employment and workplace arrangements also need to be considered. The consumer focussed CDC and NDIS models are a new ball game really; especially in terms of consumer protection compliance and legal risk mitigation.  Many service providers may not be completely across their enhanced legal obligations.”

As part of Hynes Legal’s partnership with CSIA, the firm’s lawyers will provide insights into the Consumer Law implications of the CDC model for NDIS and how they will impact providers. The first article on this topic is by Leo Hopsick on the CSIA website.

An interview with Hynes employment and workplace expert Kristen Ramsey will feature soon.

“Operating under the final form CDC and NDIS arrangements, where funding follows the Customer and the Customer chooses the provider, will create a competitive environment that will challenge some providers. Promises will be made in the heat of competition for Customer’s business and the Consumer Laws will come into play. We recommend that service providers move diligently to ensure adequate systems and contractual protections are in place to satisfy the Consumer Law requirements for service delivery and to mitigate their legal risks.”

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