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Home care and moving to CDC – Are you prepared?

11 Feb 2015

Client agreements

Do you have a compliant client agreement?

Approved Providers will need to ensure their care agreements comply with the additional compliance requirements for agreements to deliver Home Care on a CDC basis.

The Aged Care Act and the User Rights Principles set out the matters that must be included in a Home Care Agreement.

Simply Legal (documents by Hynes Legal) has a range of compliant Home Care Agreements. Click here to visit Simply Legal.

Brokerage and Service Provider Agreements

Approved Providers are ultimately responsible for ensuring care and services are delivered in accordance with the legislation. Approved Providers should review their brokerage and service provider agreements to ensure they comply with the new CDC requirements and to manage organisational risk.

Simply Legal (documents by Hynes Legal) has a range of service provider and brokerage agreements. Click here to view these documents.

Police checks and other requirements

Approved Providers still have police check requirements, not only for their organisation but for any sub-contracted service provider. Approved Providers should ensure they are compliant with the new requirements with respect to key personnel, staff, volunteers and contractors.

Staff recruitment and safety

Approved Providers should have in place a compliant work, health and safety policy to ensure staff understand how to operate and to minimise the organisation’s risk. Work, health and safety laws may differ from State to State and different policies will be required if you offer services interstate. 

Simply Legal (documents by Hynes Legal) has a range of Work, Health and Safety Policies. Click here to view these documents.

Finance and budgeting

Approved Providers will need to create individualised budgets which identify income and planned expenditure based on the agreed care plan. Once services commence, the client must be provided with regular statements to show how the funds are being spent.

Approved Providers will need to ensure they have the systems and process, including relevant documentation to develop and maintain the client’s budgeting information.

Simply Legal (documents by Hynes Legal) has a range of documents to assist you in managing finance and budgeting. Click here to view these documents


To assist you transition to the new CDC arrangements we will be holding a number of Webinars for Approved Providers outlining the new rules, how to comply and the issues to consider over the coming months. We also offer fixed fee training programs for your staff that can be delivered in your facilities.

Once we have finalised dates and topics we will send out more information regarding these webinars.

Click here for more information on our training services.

For further information of the transition to CDC please contact Julie McStay on (07) 3193 0503 or by email at