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Essential WHS Audit for Aged Care Providers

08 Apr 2013

Under work health and safety (WHS) laws, officers now have a positive “due diligence” obligation to ensure that their facility complies with its WHS obligations.

A broad range of people are caught by the term “officer” including board members, senior managers and other persons involved in making decisions that affect a substantial part of the facility or the facility’s financial standing.

With personal liability attaching to some officers, it is imperative that officers have a good understanding of the WHS arrangements in place in their facility and are satisfied that the WHS system is comprehensive and compliant. This in turn will assist the facility to avoid prosecution and potentially hefty fines in the event of a WHS risk or incident.

Hynes Legal has specific expertise in relation to WHS compliance for the aged care sector and can assist your facility to ensure that the WHS risk to the business, and the personal risk to officers, is minimised.

We offer a fixed price WHS service to aged care facilities, which involves:

  • auditing existing WHS policies, procedures and systems;
  • updating existing documentation; and
  • the delivery of a written report the board on the outcome of the audit and any additional steps or systems that may be required to help ensure compliance.

Please contact Julie McStay (Partner, Head of Aged Care) on 07 3193 0503 if you would like to discuss this service offering further.