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Workplace Investigations Package for Aged Care providers

Poorly conducted workplace investigations have the potential to expose aged care providers to significant workplace disruption, reputational damage and legal risk.

Typical claims arising from workplace investigations gone wrong include unfair dismissal, discrimination, adverse action, breach of contract and workers compensation claims. Claims can also be made against individuals such as directors, executives and other decision makers.

Responding to complaints and claims arising from mismanaged investigations is both time consuming and costly, as well as having a negative impact on the organisation’s brand and reputation.

In our experience, initial upfront investment in appropriate tools and resources to support the investigation process (along with training) can help to significantly reduce the likelihood of litigation following the completion of an investigation.

Our Workplace Investigations Package is designed to help ensure that investigations conducted by your organisation are procedurally fair, adhere to the principles of natural justice and are capable of withstanding external scrutiny.

The package includes:

  • Investigation guidelines
  • Step by step investigation checklist
  • Template investigation plan and run sheet
  • Template letters to both the complainant and the respondent regarding the investigation process
  • Template letter to witnesses requesting attendance at an interview
  • Template interview plan
  • Template witness statement
  • Template investigation report
  • Template letters to the complainant and respondent regarding the outcome and proposed next steps
  • Template warning  and termination letters

In addition, the package includes a half day training session for up to 8 staff members. The training session is designed to help attendees:

understand the purpose of, and key steps involved in, conducting an investigation;
appreciate the legal risks associated with some common mistakes aged care providers make;
gain practical experience in carrying out key investigation steps; and
utilise the organisation's new investigation documents effectively.

The cost of the package is $5,000.00 (plus GST).

Please contact Kristin Ramsey, Practice Group Leader – Employment and Workplace Relations if you would like to discuss this package further or if you would like a quote for the documents without the training component.